Many Thanks to Our Partners

Meridian Credit Union makes a contribution

When Meridian opened its branch in Roncesvalles in late 2015, the credit union made its presence felt in many ways, including its generosity to community initiatives, including Back Lane Studios.  Many thanks to branch manager Marrion Cherian for the donation.

Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton Logo Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School

A regional arts centre, BMTM has provided Back Lane Studios with a wonderful opportunity to introduce its CityShorts program. We conducted pilot projects in fall, 2015 and winter 2016, and will conduct two workshops in 2016-17. Many thanks to teacher Sean McClare and Teresa Kelly. Back Lane mentor and board member Jeana McCabe, who developed the social justice filmmaking program at BMTM, made these pilot projects possible.The students have so far created 12 videos.

unnamedHumberside Collegiate Institute

The enterprising film club at HCI interviewed alumni for the school’s 125th anniversary in 2016-17. Many thanks to Hayley Adam and Maddie Johnston, and their team, as well as teacher Steve Wells.

Revue_logoThe Revue Cinema

The not-for-profit community-run cinema has been a supportive of Back Lane Studios’ initiatives. Not only has the cinema, at 400 Roncesvalles Ave., provided us a venue for our fund-raising screenings, but will also screen the student-produced documentaries as part of regular programming. The Revue is a key part of our film-making initiative. .

union-picturesUnion Pictures

A Canadian film distribution and production company, has kindly offered to convert Back Lane Studios’ documentaries into DCP format for screening in cinemas. Union Pictures’ aim is to produce and release a steady stream of commercially viable and critically acclaimed Canadian and foreign films. Their titles include Don Shebib’s “Down the Road Again,” “Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story,” and “The Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould.” Thank you, Union!

High Park Library

Branch librarian Brian Bertrand has always been supportive of the neighbourhood. A member of our advisory board, he has helped us source historic materials for the students and supported their filmmaking efforts. He has been in front of the camera on several occasions.

Sunnyside Historical Society

It’s a big task, given the rich history of our neighbourhood, but the dedicated volunteers at the Sunnyside Historical Society are doing their best to collect and preserve local history in Parkdale and Roncesvalles. Many thanks to Meghan Edmonston and Jack Gibney for their support.