School Programs

Give them Cameras and….

Students at Kensington Community School explore their community through the camera lens. Back Lane Studios’ instructors, photographer Diana Nazareth and filmmaker Jordan McTavish, conducted a program at the school this fall. The kids’ work will be on display in a Kensington cafe in January.

Back Lane Studios started out encouraging students at Bishop Marrocco School to make short documentaries about their neighbourhood. We call these videos “CityShorts”.  Check out some of their work under the “Videos” section of this website.  Learn more about the program on our CityShorts project page.

We are also presenting photography workshops, especially for younger students. Not only do they learn about the art and technology of photography, but they also learn to really look at and see their environment.

Now in progress:

  • Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Grade 12 students will interview  and make videos about some of their older relatives to gain perspective on their own backgrounds and origins. Oct. 30 to  Nov. 17.
  • Teachers and photographers Diana Nazareth and Jordan McTavish taught photography at Kensington Community School, once a week on Wednesdays to Nov. 8.

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